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Silhouette Shades are just one of the full line of Hunter Douglas products offered by Just Right Blinds & Shutters. Check our blog, The Buzz on Blinds or the blog below for more information and tips on window treatments for your home.

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Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades are a good option for bay windows.

Cover your bay window with a Roman shade

January 14, 2022

Deciding which window treatment is right for a specific space in your home can be challenging. For example, how do you best cover a bay window?


Options can seem limited. Some designers suggest hanging stationary curtains on either side of the bay and then installing a shade inside each window frame. Others favor hanging curtains on each individual window.

But when there isn’t enough room for hardware, those options won’t work. That’s when it’s an especially good idea to consider Roman shades, such as Vignette Modern Roman Shades or Solera Soft Shades from Hunter Douglas. A recent New York Times lifestyle article quotes Grant K. Gibson, an interior designer in San Francisco: “An advantage of Roman shades is that you do not need to have decorative or functional hardware.”

Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades are offered in semi-sheer, light-filtering or room-darkening fabrics, and in a range of styles and fold sizes to help you cover your bay in a warm and inviting look. Hunter Douglas Solera Soft Shades feature a sophisticated, gently sculpted design for a fluid, unique look that combines classic soft Roman folds with energy-efficient cellular construction.

Learn more about how you can beautifully cover a bay window, or any window in your home! Call me today at 630-292-3756 or contact Just Right Blinds via this website.


Just Right Blinds

Bring summer's natural light inside on a schedule you choose when you add PowerView Motorization to Hunter Douglas shades such as these Duette Honeycomb Blinds.

Shop-at-Home blends on-demand convenience with

expert guidance

August 19, 2021

“On-demand décor” is one of the hottest trends in home goods, impacting products ranging from paint to upholstery to furniture and mattresses. Consumers browse and make choices online, and their selections are delivered to their doorstep within days or weeks. Paint is one of the newest entrants, with consumers now able to use virtual designers to receive customized recommendations and order large self-adhesive color swatches instead of sample cans. It’s a direct-to-consumer revolution that fits right in with DIY trends.

What about blinds and shutters?

Choosing the right window treatments is both an art and a science, and measuring and installing them is an added step that is often beyond the average DIY skill set or interest. That’s why Just Right Blinds & Shutters shop-at-home service is ideal for home owners who want in-home convenience plus expert guidance when they choose blinds, shutters or soft treatments.

We offer the full line of Hunter Douglas window treatments, so you have a world of choices at your fingertips. Check out our website for ideas, and also visit to browse product selections, view a range of fabric and color choices, and view photos and videos related to your specific room and décor needs. Then, just call us! We bring the store to your doorstep and right into your home.

As trained consultants and certified installers, we know how to evaluate your needs and do accurate measurements and pricing. We bring the sample books to you so you can touch the fabrics and view the colors right where they will be used. We can also recommend options you may not have thought of, such as the LightLock system for room darkening, PowerView motorization for automated operation, or top-down, bottom-up operation to balance privacy with natural light. When your order arrives, we install it at no added cost, at a time convenient to you.

Get the best of both worlds: on-demand window treatments and an in-home expert. Call me today at 630-292-3756 or contact us via this website.


Just Right Blinds

Bring summer's natural light inside on a schedule you choose when you add PowerView Motorization to Hunter Douglas shades such as these Duette Honeycomb Blinds.

Bring in the light at the touch of a button

July 8, 2021

Let summer light in on your schedule—and save with rebates—when you add PowerView Motorization and a smart hub to Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb blinds (shown here), or to any of five other popular Hunter Douglas window fashions. 

With PowerView, you can move your shades up or down with the push of a button, touch of a screen or voice command. You can even operate your shades from a remote location, or preset them to move up or down on a schedule you determine. Open the shades to greet the morning light, then close them to block out afternoon heat or for evening privacy.

Rebates starting at $150 are available until September 9, 2019, on qualifying purchases of Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Blinds, Luminette Privacy Sheers, Silhouette and Pirouette Window Shadings, Vignette Modern Roman Shades and Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades, when you include PowerView Motorization and a smart hub.

Enjoy the ease and convenience of motorization, make the most of energy savings with the movements of the summer sun, and enhance child and pet safety with cord-free operation of your blinds or shades. 

We’d love to show you how Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization can simplify your life and help you save! Call Todd at 630-292-3756 or contact us on this website.


Just Right Blinds

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades cut light and glare and add cool sophistication to outdoor spaces.

Welcome summer sun with sleek Designer Screen Shades

June 19, 2019

It’s summer (finally!) and everyone is hoping to spend time outside on the patio, porch or sunroom. Make the most of your outdoor enjoyment by creating shade, cutting glare, and adding a look of cool sophistication when you bring Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades into your enclosed outdoor space.

Designer Screen Shades are available in over 70 fashionable styles and a wide range of openness factors that let you select the view and level of light you want. So it’s easy to make a trendy fashion statement in your patio or sunroom. 

Here are some other benefits you can enjoy by adding Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades to your summer space:

Glare and heat control:Dine, chat, read or relax outdoors in comfort.

UV protection: Take good care of your outdoor furniture, flooring, cushions and fabric coverings.

View-through: Enjoy the scenery while you still control light and maintain your privacy. Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades feature the smallest light gap in the industry!

Variety of top and bottom treatments: New in 2019 is a large square cassette, perfect for your covered and enclosed outdoor area.

Convenient and easy operation:Add PowerView Motorization and operate your Designer Screen Shades on your schedule, using a Pebble remote or the PowerView App.

We’d love to stop by your home for an outdoor chat and show you the latest in Designer Screen Shades. Call us today at 630-292-3756 or contact us on this website. And happy summer!


Just Right Blinds

Hunter Douglas has a style of window treatment for every room!

I need new window treatments! How do I get started?

June 4, 2019

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new home, or you’re remodeling the home you have. Maybe you’ve purchased a summer home or city condo, or added a sun porch. Or, you’ve decided it’s finally time to update your window treatments. No matter the reason for your need, the challenge can be figuring out where to start and what steps to take first. 

Here are tips on what to consider as you plan for how to cover your windows:

See the light.

Light and how to bring it into a room, or block it as needed, is one of the biggest parts of your decision. Sheers and shadings can soften and transform harsh rays, while adding a room darkening fabric to a honeycomb shade can provide calming darkness for a bedroom or media room. Think about how the room is used and how you want to control the light.

Privacy with a view.

Closely related to light as a factor in your decision is privacy. Do you want to completely block the outside view, or do you want to maintain and control it with light filtering fabrics? Or maybe you want the best of both worlds, with privacy on the bottom half of a window and see-through on the top.

Press and go.

How do you want to operate your new window treatments? Motorization lets you press a button on a remote, touch the screen on an app, or gently push up or down on a wand. Other operating systems use a light touch on a handle, glide side to side with vertical sliders, or let you operate your window treatments from the top down or bottom up. Cordless options abound for child and pet safety.

I love that!

Your personal decorating style and aesthetic are keys to your choice. Whether you prefer sleek and contemporary, rich and traditional, or warm and natural, there are styles, fabrics and colors to suit your taste, and your budget.

Shop at home.

As a Hunter Douglas dealer, Just Right Blinds & Shutters will bring both expertise and samples into your home. We can show you all the options: sheers and shadings, roller shades, horizontal wood or aluminum blinds, honeycomb shades, vertical blinds, roman shades, woven woods or custom shutters. We can help you sort through all the factors—light, privacy, operation, décor, budget—and help you choose what’s best for you. 

In short, we have styles for every room, every taste, every moment. For details, call us today at 630-292-3756 or contact us on this website.


Just Right Blinds

The Alustra line of fabrics and colors offers beautiful options for window treatments.

Tips for Choosing Window Treatment Fabric

May 12, 2019

You’ve chosen your window treatment style, but you still need to choose the fabric. How much does this affect the look of your blind, shade or drapery?

In window treatments, fabric reflects and controls light. Provides rich textures. Gives a luxurious feel. Lightens the mood. Offers subtle color combinations and textures. 

Clearly, fabric is an essential part of your choice of window treatments. The quality of the textile and weave impacts how long the blind or shade will last. Certain fabrics can diffuse or block sun, help lock in warmth or coolness, or give a dose of needed pizzazz.

Here are some tips for choosing the fabric for your next window covering:

Consider your room’s mood: For a more formal room, you might want to lean toward heavier fabrics such as silk or velvet. A more casual space can be enhanced by linen, cotton or synthetic blends. For a porch or sunroom, look at natural weaves such as bamboo or grasses.

Decide on the function of the window treatment: Do you need a room darkening shade for a bedroom or home media space? Are you hoping to block UV light from hurting rugs and furnishings? Do you want to let in as much natural light as possible? Answering these questions will help you decide on the opacity of your fabric, whether you want sheer, light filtering or room darkening. 

Decide on how the fabric should relate to décor: Do you want your window treatment to blend with the rest of the room? Choose a fabric in the same tone but just a few shades darker, or match another subtle color in the room. Are you going for contrast or for a stand-out element? This gives you lots of room for creativity! Check out some of the newest textures, and let imagination be your guide.

Hunter Douglas is the industry leader in sourcing fabrics from the world’s best mills and textile houses. They work to develop and design exclusive materials such as the Alustra line of uniquely design-inspired fabrics as well as special characteristics such as their MicroShield antimicrobial fabric protection. So you can be sure you’re getting the best selection of fabrics available when you choose Hunter Douglas.

As an authorized dealer, Just Right Blinds & Shutters can offer you the entire Hunter Douglas line, letting you choose the window treatment fabric that is ideal for your room’s mood, function and décor.

For details, call us today at 630-292-3756 or contact us on this website.


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

The Alustra line of fabrics and colors from Hunter Douglas offers beautiful options in metallics to enhance trending home decor.

Use Metallic Accents to Make Your Décor Shine

April 17, 2019

An exciting decorating trend in 2019 is the integration of metallic accents into both fabrics and hardware. They’re eye-catching, luxurious, and sophisticated, and they’re popping up in a variety of window treatments, including the Alustra line of Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb blinds, Silhouette window shadings, and woven textures.

What does this mean for the décor in your home? Metallic accents make it easy to:

Elevate a neutral color scheme. With industrial grey the new color trend sweeping wall and floor surfaces, it’s nice to add an inspiring patina of metallic color against this neutral backdrop.

Coordinate with high sheen finishes. Those stainless steel appliances in your kitchen? Let them shine with an Alustra Duette Honeycomb at the window in a Silver Myst color.

Complement metallic décor and interior fixtures.If you have sconces, light fixtures, candleholders, or other metallic pieces in your design, add window treatments in metallic fabrics that will enhance their beauty.

Create dynamic design elements by reflecting light in interesting ways.Diffuse the light streaming into your room with a unique Alustra Silhouette window shading in a metallic fabric.

The use of metallic accents in the Alustra fabric line is one more way Hunter Douglas stays current with décor trends. With Just Right Blinds & Shutters shop-at-home service, you can select from these and the full range of styles, fabrics and colors available from Hunter Douglas, right in your home, so you can be assured all  your choices will work together.

For more information, call, text, or contact me on this website.


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

A Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shade works well with minimalist home decor.

Choosing Window Treatments for Minimalist Home Décor

March 14, 2019

What is minimalist home décor? This restrained, appealing approach often has these characteristics:

• Simplicity everywhere you look

• Open, light-filled spaces

• A toned down, less is more feel

• Clean, modern lines

• A compact color palette grounded in neutrals including whites, creams, blacks and grays

We’re not talking boring! Minimalist home décor can be highly clean and simple, yet also brim with visual interest, texture and personality. Architectural details are celebrated and furnishings chosen for dramatic impact.

Window treatments can add a sophisticated, fluid look to minimalist home décor, helping to unify colors, lines and furnishings. The Hunter Douglas line offered at Just Right Blinds & Shutters has several great options to complement minimalist home décor:

Designer Roller Shades:These sophisticated yet uncomplicated shades roll up neatly into a headrail or fabric valance. Choose from over 300 fabrics ranging from sheer to opaque.

Designer Screen Shades: Probably the ultimate in a minimalist look, Designer Screen Shades also provide outstanding UV protection and light control while reducing glare and heat gain in a room. Select from over 260 fabrics ranging from 14% to 0% openness.

Skyline Gliding Panels: Both Designer Screen Shades and Roller Shades can coordinate with fabrics and colors for Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Panels for a vertical application, perfect for a minimalist look on a large bank of windows or sliding glass door.

Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades: Blend the clean lines and simplicity of a roller shade with the energy efficiency of a cellular blind. The innovative curved shape adds an interesting dimension while gently diffusing light. Four fabric collections are offered in 48 colors including several neutral options.

Just Right Blinds & Shutters is ready to help you choose window treatments to match a minimalist décor, or any décor! Just call, text or reach out to us on this website.


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

With Hunter Douglas wide selection of fabric and color choices, you can match a shade to color in artwork in your home.

How to Choose Your Window Treatment Color

February 23, 2019

When you shop for Hunter Douglas window treatments with Just Right Blinds & Shutters, you’re able to choose from literally thousands of extraordinary fabric and color combinations. The Hunter Douglas color wheel is virtually limitless, from rich and fashionable hues to timeless neutrals. So how do you select what’s right for you and your home? Here are some guidelines:

Decide if you want the color of your blinds, shades or shutters to blend or contrast with your room.If you want to blend, look to the color of your floors and baseboards, and remember that neutrals such as taupe, beige, off-white, ivory or tan are easy to integrate into almost any design. If you’re looking for contrast, pick a bright color that will pop or provide an eye-catching accent.

Look for less obvious color themes you might be overlooking in your room.Study your furniture, artwork and wall hangings to pick out vibrant threads you could emphasize. Check a color wheel to see which colors look best together. Make use of current technology: there are online color scheme generators that can guide you to good choices. 

Think carefully about your personal style. An earthy interior might call for woven woods. A modern, contemporary scheme could be complemented by honeycomb blinds in a light or charcoal gray or by pure white window shadings. If you’re artsy and eclectic, consider a set of Roman shades in a strong pattern. Finish a traditional space with real or faux wood blinds in a rich oak or mahogany stain. Whatever you choose, stay true to the style you love.

Just Right Blinds & Shutters is here to help you with your color choice for any window treatment you consider. We always show you color and fabric samples and can help you match paint, trim, flooring or other furnishings. And because we’re a Hunter Douglas dealer, we have their full line of color choices available to you to choose from. Just call, text or contact us on this website.


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb shades include GREENGUARD GOLD certification, helping keep indoor air quality safe for your family.

Keeping Up with Indoor Air Quality

February 4, 2019

It’s great to have beautiful window treatments that provide style, privacy, light control and convenience. But it’s also important to know your blinds, shades or shutters are contributing to healthier air inside your home.

Just Right Blinds & Shutters offers Hunter Douglas window treatments because they are designed with exceptional quality as well as style and versatility. And that quality includes many products that are GREENGUARD GOLD Certified, meaning that these blinds, shades or shutters meet stringent standards for low chemical emissions into indoor air. 

Hunter Douglas put these products through a series of rigorous tests and an extensive certification process with UL Environment to assure that their window treatments meet these high environmental standards.

GREENGUARD GOLD certification is a level of testing that ensures a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities, so the safety factors in this certification take into account the needs of sensitive individuals such as children and the elderly. So you can be confident that when you bring a GREENGUARD GOLD certified Hunter Douglas product into your home, it’s environmentally friendly for all your family members.

Some of the most popular blinds, shades and shutters from Hunter Douglas meet this certification, including Duette Honeycomb Shades, Silhouette Window Shadings, EverWood Alternative Wood Blinds, NewStyle Hybrid Shutters, Luminette Privacy Sheers, Vignette Modern Roman Shades, Pirouette Window Shadings, Designer Roller and Screen Shades and Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades. Looking for vertical blinds that meet this certification? Somner Custom Vertical Blinds, Skyline Gliding Window Panels and Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds are all on the Hunter Douglas GREENGUARD GOLD certification list.

I’d be happy to show you the full list of Hunter Douglas GREENGUARD GOLD certified products. Just call or text me at 630-292-3756 or contact us on this website.


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

Embrace the latest color trends, such as the Pantone 2019 color of the year, coral, with Hunter Douglas window treatments such as this Design Studio Roman shade.

Coral is the 2019 "Color of the Year"

January 16, 2019

Looking for a color theme you can embrace for the new year?

On December 6, color expert Pantone announced its choice for 2019 color of the year: “Living Coral.”

Living Coral is described by designers as a “warm, peachy orange” with a “golden undertone” that “evokes vitality, buoyancy and an appealing shade of connection.” 

Of special importance to homeowners, Living Coral can be used as far more than an accent shade for accessories or other details. Bright and bold, coral is a color people can use to paint an entire room, such as an entryway or bathroom. Or, a homeowner could choose a coral couch, chair or bedspread. 

Pantone bases its annual color picks on trends in fashion, technology, art, music, travel and social media. In announcing their choice of coral, Pantone highlighted the color as one that “embraces us with warmth and nourishment, just as coral reefs are a source of sustenance to sea life.” Sounds like a feel-good trend for 2019!

Hunter Douglas stays current with color trends, so you can select window treatments that are on-trend as well. Just ask to see samples showing the amazing variety of color choices available in Hunter Douglas window treatments. 

For more information, please call or text at 630-292-3756 or contact me on this website.


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

Sparkly ornaments and pillows add big impact to holiday decor. Enhance the look with these lovely Hunter Douglas Luminette sheers!

Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

December 17, 2018

Love that holiday spirit in your home but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money?

Your home can feel festive and warm with just a few well-placed accents. Holiday decorating doesn’t have to be “all-out” or costly. Prioritize the room which gives the biggest impact for holiday cheer, such as the front door and entry, living room or dining room. And create continuity with a consistent color scheme. You can select traditional holiday colors of red, green, gold, silver, blue and white, or update with hues of fuchsia or pink, lime or acid green, copper or brass.

Focus on small things that have big impact, such as fragrant wreaths and sprays of pine, garlands of light or holiday towels and table linens. Here are more ideas of simple holiday decorations:

• Poinsettias or Christmas cacti.

• Bowls of sparkly ornaments.

• Holiday throws and pillows.

• An array of holiday scented candles.

• Holiday centerpieces for the dining or kitchen table.

• Mulled cider simmering on the stove.

Colorful, well-placed window treatments can also have a big impact on your home décor, as well as provide energy efficiency for colder days and convenience for the busy holiday season. For example, Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb shades offered by Just Right Blinds are available in a huge array of fabrics and colors and are designed specifically for energy efficiency and easy operation, including a motorization option.

For more information, please call or text at 630-292-3756 or contact me on this website.


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades are created from natural wood, reeds, bamboo and grasses that bring the beauty of nature into your home.

How to Give Your Home a Cozy Fall Look

October 17, 2018

As the weather turns colder and leaves start falling, our thoughts turn to indoors and making that space cozy and inviting. What are some simple, festive ways to do this?

Repurpose items you already have around the house

Add a plaid blanket to a rocking chair. Pile pillows on a couch or bench. Toss a knobby wool throw over the back of an upholstered chair. Move a wicker lawn chair inside and tuck in some cushions. Assemble varied rustic items—wood, metal, stone—and arrange on a shelf or tray for a portable display.

Forage in your yard or local market

Style leaves and branches in a simple vase and place in your entryway. Gather fall flowers and clippings from your backyard, arrange in a basket or glass jar and set on your mantel or coffee table. Make a fall centerpiece with different sizes of gourds, apples or squash. Scoop out a pumpkin and use as a vase or display container. Fill a small wooden bowl with acorns. Hang a fall wreath or wheat sheaf spray on a barren wall.

Blend in some out-of-the-ordinary fall colors

Go beyond the expected shades of red and orange. Look for caramel colored items to add warmth to your kitchen or bath. Add small white pumpkins or gourds to a tabletop display. Paint an old chair vibrant yellow.

Think cozy with new window treatments

If you’re planning to refresh or add window treatments before the holidays, Hunter Douglas has several options that work well with a cozy fall theme and on into the winter and colder spring months. Shutters or wood blinds give any room a warm, inviting look with the beauty of either real wood or composite woods in an array of warming colors. Pirouette Window Shadings feature soft fabric vanes that highlight both color and texture. Provenance Shades are crafted with reeds, grasses and woods for a natural outdoorsy feel. Duette Honeycomb Shades are both beautiful and highly energy efficient, capturing the heat in your room and holding in the warmth for crisp fall days and colder nights. 

Plus, from now until December 10, save with $100 mail-in rebates on qualifying purchases of six popular Hunter Douglas window fashions, including Pirouette and Duette Honeycomb. For more information, just call, text or contact me via this website.


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades are created from natural wood, reeds, bamboo and grasses that bring the beauty of nature into your home.

Natural Fabrics are Big Autumn 2018 Décor Trend

September 17, 2018

Popular décor trends for this fall feature natural elements including rustic textures, chunky knits, earthy woven textiles and crafted weaves that embrace realistic imperfections. 

This tactile trend invites you to reach out and touch the comfort. And it’s great for everyday family life by using fabrics that age beautifully, retaining an authentic natural look even through normal wear and tear.

Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades are the perfect window treatment for this inviting fall décor, one that will easily carry your home into winter and beyond. Provenance Shades are created from natural wood, reeds, bamboo and grasses, all organic materials that bring the beauty of both nature and craftsmanship into your home. Provenance Shades feature natural variations in color, pattern and knots that contribute to the feel of a one-of-a-kind shade for each window.

Trending colors for this autumn include russet, plum, navy, grey, putty, stone and other earthy pigments. Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades are offered in 93 color options and 35 fabric styles, so you’re sure to find one that fits with a trending color palette and texture, or a personal favorite that works best for your home décor. 

Need to cover both sliding doors and wide windows? Provenance Woven Shades are available in Standard Roman, Waterfall Roman and Vertical Drapery styles, giving you both horizontal and vertical options. You can choose from five different lifting systems, including PowerView Motorization, and from either a modern or traditional headrail style. 

Need a room-darkening option? An attached liner that operates with Provenance Woven Shades can be added in either a light-filtering or room-darkening opacity.

Just Right Blinds would love to help you enhance your fall décor by bringing samples of these beautiful natural weave shades into your home. Just call, text or contact us on this website.


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

Hunter Douglas offers window treatments in a wide variety of styles, fabrics and colors to match virtually any home decor.

Do You Know Your Decorating Style?

August 23, 2018

It’s back-to-school season—a great time for new projects. A surprisingly fun and easy task is to figure out your home decorating style. Identifying the look you truly feel comfortable with is a huge benefit when you decide to paint a room, add a chair, or refresh a bedroom. You’ll avoid purchases you later regret, and prevent design choices that keep you from creating the space you crave.

Where to start? Here are suggestions to kick-start your creativity and help you express your vision:

Discard what turns you off. Having a strong sense of the items, colors and design elements you dislike helps you approach decorating with a clean slate. You might even jot a list so you name things you want to avoid in your decorating scheme.

Consider what you like in other areas of life. The preferences you already have in your clothes closet, go-to recipes or favorite vacation getaways all give clues to your style. For example, what kind of shoes do you enjoy wearing? Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

Note the items in your home that you instinctively love.This includes furniture, artwork, all sorts of knickknacks, floor coverings, fabrics, table settings, even book jackets. Don’t over analyze, simply focus on what gives you immediate joy or comfort.

Take a style stroll through your neighborhood. Exterior architecture, patio and porch décor and landscaping all speak volumes about the design style you’d find inside. Observe what attracts your attention and makes you stop and take a second look.

Study some home design magazines.Invest in a few you can actually bring home, look through and tear out pages you love for reference. Go with your instincts; don’t worry if you’re picking the “right” style.

Highlight the common themes you find in your research. Look for similar picks in color, design, shape, texture and overall feel. This will bring you closer to naming the style, or more likely, the blend of styles, that suits your personal flair.

When it’s time to add window treatments to your decorating scheme,Just Right Blinds & Shutters offers the incredibly wide selection of styles, colors, and fabrics available from Hunter Douglas. You can be confident you’ll find a choice that fits the style you have found to be your own. Best of all, Just Right Blinds brings the choices to you. Right in the comfort of your home, where your style shines brightest, you can choose the perfect blind or shutter to match your decor.

Call me at 630-292-3756 so we can get started!


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades block harsh sunlight while preserving your view.

Beat the Late Summer Heat!

August 3, 2018

Screen shades are a stylish yet simple way to block harsh sunlight while preserving your view. Plus, they help provide excellent UV protection and expand your decorating choices. 

The Hunter Douglas line of Designer Screen Shades is a great way to achieve these benefits for any room in your home, as well as a sunroom or covered patio. Here’s what they offer:

Outstanding light control and UV protection without losing your view. Fabrics are available ranging from 14% to 0% openness, so you can choose how much light you want to block and view you want to keep. All fabrics reduce UV light to help shield your furnishings, flooring and artwork from UV ray damage.

A vast selection of beautiful fabrics in a variety of colors, textures, designs and opacities. Fabric collections include trending grays and textured weaves as well as polyester screen fabrics that perform like a solar screen while still maintaining a softer designer look. Plus, you can coordinate your screen shade fabric choice with fabrics for Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades and Skyline Gliding Window Panels.

Your choice of operating systems,including a standard custom clutch that minimizes light gap on both sides and is easy to lift. Cordless systems are available to enhance child safety, including the new Hunter Douglas SoftTouch Motorization option.

You can customize your screen shades with optional top and bottom treatments, including a range of cassette shapes and sizes and fabric valances.

Want a cooler, shadier patio or sunroom?Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Patio Shades can add a welcome layer of light control plus a dramatic decorative touch to any covered outdoor space.

Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades are a distinctive, decorative and highly practical addition to your home or patio. Call me at 630-292-3756 or contact us on this website to learn more! I’d be happy to bring samples of these beautiful shades into your home or covered patio to demonstrate how you can still beat the summer heat!


Just Right Blinds & Shutters

For a dramatic statement, decorate with Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Window Panels in a textured fabric.

5 Ways Window Treatments Can Help You Decorate 

July 2, 2018

Just the thought of living a few days with bare windows, and you quickly appreciate the many functions window fashions serve. They give privacy. Reduce glare. Filter light. Insulate from heat or cold.

But window treatments are also a huge part of your home décor. The right blind, shade or shutter makes a space look finished. It can anchor a room’s overall design and be an impressive focal point. And, perhaps most important, it can be an exciting reflection of your personal style, whether that’s classic, country, contemporary , eclectic or something you can’t even quite pin down.

So what are some ways you can best use window treatments to make your home not just more beautiful but an integral part of your decorating theme for every room in the house? Here are five tips:

1. For a soft, elegant appearance, try roman shades such as Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades. Choose a neutral color that will blend with the rest of the room.

2. Like a modern, contemporary look? Cellular shades such as Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb Blinds offer a clean, tailored, even calming feel. If your walls are neutral, select a darker colored shade to break up a light color scheme or to match a darker piece of furniture.

3. Want to make your family room more casual? Wood blinds are a great choice. Hunter Douglas offers Parkland Wood Blinds or EverWood Alternative Wood Blinds. For a crisper, more modern take on casual, select custom shutters such as Hunter Douglas NewStyle Hybrid Shutters.

4. Tired of the vertical blinds on your sliding glass door? Try a brightly colored or patterned screen shade for a dramatic change, or gliding panels such as Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Window Panels. For added drama, select a fabric with a geometric pattern.

5. Need a simple, clean treatment for a bedroom, but also want a cozy touch? Roller shades in a textured fabric can be a great choice. Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades are available in over 330 fabrics from sheer to opaque.

There is a Hunter Douglas style, color and fabric choice just waiting to match your décor and personal taste! And as a shop-at-home service, Just Right Blinds will bring all the options to your doorstop. Just call or text me at 630-292-3756 or contact us on this website.


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Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds can be part of casual summer decor.

How to Refresh Your Summer Décor

June 5, 2018

Warm, sunny days, fresh breezes through the windows, patio gatherings of family and friends. It’s summer, and it’s a great time to let your décor mirror the beauty outside. Here are some tips and trends:

Add plants for a fresh and airy feel.Greenery softens a room and goes with the trend toward natural furnishings and fabrics and a range of green tones from forest to emerald.

Blur the boundaries between outside and in. Along with plants, use color, fabrics, accessories and window treatments to help your room connect with nature and appear larger than the four walls.

Add tropical prints to décor and table settings.Nothing says summer like a bold tropical print on pillows, throws or tablecloths.

Accessorize with bold pops of brilliant color. Color trends for this summer include inky blues, “ice cream colors” such as coral, peach, turquoise and pink, and metallic gold. If you’re feeling ambitious, paint one wall in a summer trend color, or add eye-catching accessories such as vases, picture frames, mirrors, lamp shades and artwork.

Go with a carefree, easy look. Summer is all about kicking back, and you can let your décor relax too. Try a messy pile of pillows on a couch, casual table setting, informal arrangement of unmatched chairs, a funky, creative setting for a family room office.

Choose window treatments that let in the light and view while maintaining privacy.Hunter Douglas has numerous options. Silhouette, Pirouette and Luminette shadings and sheers offer precise light and privacy control while preserving an outside view. Screen shades come in various degrees of openness and a wide variety of interesting fabrics. Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters are a popular option with wide louvers to let in lots of light and a HiddenTilt operating system that provides an unobstructed view. PowerView Motorization is a convenient option to tilt louvers open or closed.

I’d love to consult with you about window treatments that can complete your summer décor. Just call or text me at 630-292-3756. Happy summer!


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Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades help protect your furnishings from fading caused by UV light.


May 23, 2018

1. UV (ultraviolet) light is invisible to the human eye, is the shortest wavelength on the light spectrum, and is the single largest factor in the fading of fabrics, carpets and other home furnishings.

2. UV radiation can damage fabric in a surprisingly short amount of time, and the rays can penetrate your home even on a cloudy, gray day.

3. UV damage is caused by a chemical process. The rays transform the water found in all fabrics into hydrogen peroxide, bleach that fades dye.

4. Fading is either a loss of color or a reduction in color saturation. The amount of fading caused by UV light is also influenced by the type of coloring agent in the fabric, temperature, humidity, wear and abrasion.

5. Today’s homes are more prone to UV radiationbecause modern design favors larger windows with clearer glass and modern, environmentally friendly fabrics are more water-based, making their color less stable.


1. Look for carpet and upholstery fabrics that are more resilient to fading. For example, polyester blends fade less readily than silk.

2. Note that lighter fabrics tend to fade less quickly than darker ones. While you don’t have to decorate your home in exclusively light colors, you might want to avoid darker colors near a large expanse of windows.

3. Rotate furnishings that light hits consistently. This helps any fading to be more consistent, such as on a sofa where one side or corner is in the direct line of sunlight. Flip chair or sofa cushions from time to time so both sides get equal exposure.

4. Add quality window treatments that are designed to protect against UV damage.Hunter Douglas has several outstanding products that offer significant protection for your rugs and furniture, while still letting you enjoy natural light and the outside view. Consider Designer Screen Shades, available in over 260 fabrics from 14% to 0% openness. Silhouette Shadings block up to 88% UV light even with the vanes open, while Pirouette shadings block up to 81% of UV rays with vanes open.

Ask Just Right Blinds about which Hunter Douglas blinds will work best in your home to protect against UV rays. I have lots of options to share!


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Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Shutters stand up to heat and humidity. And now they can be motorized!


April 25, 2018

I like to think of window treatments solving problems, beautifully, of course! Some common problems faced by homeowners with adding or replacing window treatments include hard-to-reach windows, humid environments, blocking harsh sunlight, and adjusting for varying light levels during the day. Plus, there are always questions of style: Does this window treatment fit with my décor? Will I like the look?

An excellent answer to the above questions is Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters. These durable, fashionable shutters now offer the option of PowerView Motorization, making them an even more ideal choice for busy homeowners with hard-to-dress windows. Here are just a few ways Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters can work for you:

They’re perfect for hot and humid environments. Looking to cover a window in a bathroom? Or one exposed to harsh sunlight for most of the day? Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters combine the crisp luster of a finely painted shutter with the toughness of UV-resistant Polysatin compound. So they’re guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor.

Now they’re super convenient to operate.Hunter Douglas has just added PowerView Motorization as an option for Palm Beach Shutters. What could be better for a hard-to-reach window over a bath tub, or one high over an entryway? You can tilt louvers hands-free, plus operate top and bottom louver sections independently if you add a divider rail or split tilt. And you can use the PowerView app to schedule your shutters to adjust for added security while you’re away or reposition according to the sun’s daily patterns, an energy saver both summer and winter.

They’re a beautiful addition to your home. The battery pack for motorization is hidden in the top or bottom rails, so there’s nothing to distract from the beauty of these shutters. And if you’re looking for a simple, clean, sophisticated style that fits seamlessly into your home, you can’t go wrong with this classic design.

As an added bonus, Hunter Douglas includes an exclusive override feature that allows manual louver operation without engaging the motor. So there are no concerns about either you or a guest approaching the window and tilting a louver by hand—the shutter will work with you!

I’d love to tell you more about Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin

Shutters and their new PowerView Motorization option. Just call or text me at 630-292-3756.


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Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization can be operated with an app on your mobile device or a stylish Pebble remote control.


April 9, 2018

You’ve selected the right style of window treatment for your room, and it’s the perfect fabric and color for your décor. You’ve planned for energy efficiency, light control, privacy, and very important, adding beauty and style to your space. You’ve also considered UV light protection and even thought about cleaning and maintenance. But there’s one more essential feature to choose: your blind’s operating system.

A great operating system for any window treatment is easy and convenient to use, offers precise control, and is safe for children and pets. And it works perfectly with the particular blind or shutter you’ve chosen.

A big reason Just Right Blinds & Shutters offers Hunter Douglas window fashions is the quality and versatility of their operating systems. All are designed for easy and dependable use and with child and pet safety in mind.

Here’s a quick list of what’s available:

UltraGlideuses a wand to raise and lower shades and blinds.

LiteRise is a cordless system that with a light touch on the handle, lets you push up to raise the blind or pull down to lower it. The shade stays right where you place it.

Vertiglide is a vertical pleat or fold system ideal for side-to-side openings or sliding glass doors.

SoftTouch Motorization is a battery-powered system that allows you to operate the blind or shade by gently pulling down or pushing up a low-profile wand. The motorized operation lets you position the blind exactly where you prefer.

PowerView Motorization is an advanced wireless system that drives automated operation of window coverings. You can use a hand-operated Pebble remote or control the operation with your own smart device via the PowerView app, even from a remote location or based on an automatic schedule you set up. The PowerView system integrates with other smart-home devices to complete your home automation system.

Not all systems are available on all window treatments, and some include additional cost. Your Just Right Blinds design consultant—that’s me, Todd—is ready to guide you with expert advice on which Hunter Douglas operating system is right for you.


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March 29, 2018

It’s been said that blinds are like “clothing for windows.” Like the right outfit, the right window treatment can help you feel comfortable and confident in your home. If you’re in the market for new blinds or shutters, you’ve likely invested time and money into building or remodeling your space. Adding what is often the finishing piece—window fashions—is not the time to short-change your home décor and the vibe it creates for you and your family. It’s time to go custom!

Here are four reasons to buy custom instead of off-the-shelf window treatments:

1. They will fit your windows, exactly. There’s no such thing as a perfectly standard-size window. Measurements vary from house to house. Custom window treatments are measured for precise length and width, to fit your preference for mounting inside or outside the window trim, or to fit an oddly shaped window. Custom measurement means no worries about your new blind being too short or too long.

2. You can choose from a larger selection of better quality fabrics and materials. Hunter Douglas offers a huge array of high quality fabrics ranging from classic to texture to woven natural reeds and grasses. Fabrics are available with UV ratings that protect your home furnishings from fading and other UV light damage. Shutters are offered in both natural premium hardwoods and innovative hybrids. And the list of colors and other decorating options is extensive. No matter what style you choose, there will be something to match or complement your décor.

3. You can select high quality options that add value. Custom window treatments from Hunter Douglas are available with a choice of operating systems, such as PowerView motorization, innovative light control options such as top-down, bottom-up, and privacy features such as room darkening fabrics or dual roller options.

4. You can achieve a truly unique look that expresses your personality. Decorating today is personal and emotional. It’s ok, and even preferable, to express an eclectic style that makes your home the refuge you crave. Choosing custom window treatments helps you create the look you want, rather than settling for a pre-selected style and color from a store shelf.

I’d love to talk with you about all the benefits of custom window treatments and show you the virtually endless array of choices from Hunter Douglas. Call me at 630-292-3756, email at or use the “Contact” form on this website.


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Hunter Douglas Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades


March 15, 2018

The day you get your new window treatments installed, how to keep them clean is likely the last thing on your mind. And it’s true—all Hunter Douglas products are made for a lifetime of wear-resistant, trouble-free performance. Many of the shade fabrics are specially treated to repel dust and dirt. And Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds are treated with Dust Shield™, an anti-static paint additive that inhibits dust build-up.

So it’s pretty easy to keep your Hunter Douglas blinds or shutters looking their best! Light dusting or gentle vacuuming on a regular basis will keep your blinds, shades or shutters looking new and fresh for years to come.

Here are tips on cleaning methods:

Dusting:Light dusting with a clean, soft cloth works well for most blinds, shades, sheers and shutters.

Vacuuming: Vacuum gently with the brush attachment of any vacuum cleaner, using a vertical stroke. However, do not use a brush attachment on any sheer fabrics, such as Luminette Privacy Sheers, Silhouette or Pirouette shadings.

Hair dryer: Use the non-heat setting to blow dust off selected blinds or shutters.

Spot-cleaning:Unfortunately, stains happen. Many shades and blinds can be spot cleaned with a soft, clean cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water and, if needed, a little mild detergent. Blot gently—do not rub—to avoid creasing or damaging fabric. Note that Alustra Silhouette and Silhouette shadings and certain honeycomb and Sonnette fabrics should not be spot cleaned.

Ultrasonic cleaning: Professional ultrasonic cleaning is recommended for several Hunter Douglas products, such as Luminettes and many types of Silhouette, Pirouette and Vignette blinds, depending on fabric and opacity. Check the instructions that came with your new blinds to see if ultrasonic cleaning is recommended.

What about wood and faux woods or aluminum or vinyl blinds?

For alternative wood(such as New Style Shutters or EverWood blinds), reduce static cling and help repel dust by wiping the wood slats with dryer sheets. Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemical solvents!

Clean wood blinds or shutters (such as Parkland Wood Blinds or Heritance Shutters) with a dry, soft feather duster, or clean, soft cloth or dusting mitt. You can also vacuum wood blinds or shutters with a soft brush attachment.

Clean Palm Beach Polysatin shutters with mild soap and water. No ammonia-based products!

For aluminum and vinyl blinds, use an over-the-counter blind cleaner with a soft cloth. For vinyl and aluminum vertical blinds, reduce static electricity by applying a very thin film of gentle detergent on the vanes.

And finally, some other helpful tips:

When you clean your windows, spray the glass cleaner directly on a cloth rather than directly on the window. This prevents spills or splatters on fabric blinds or wood finishes.

Concerned with wrinkles in your fabric blinds? Gentle steaming can remove wrinkles from some fabrics. Use a hand-held travel-size steamer rather than a heavy duty model.

Questions? Call me, Todd Zimmerman, at Just Right Blinds & Shutters, 630-292-3756. Or, Hunter Douglas Customer Support is ready with product specific information on cleaning any blind or shutter you have purchased from Hunter Douglas. Call them at 1-844-486-8373.


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Hunter Douglas Solera blinds with top-down, bottom up option.


March 2, 2018

Trends aren’t just for fashion runways or the homes of the rich and famous. Staying up to date on general movements in color and design helps as you look to keep your home décor fresh and interesting. Here are four ideas you can adapt to everything from furniture to accents to window coverings:

  1. Bold, bright colors and patterns: Designers are leaning toward colors that create a warm, sunny outlook along with geometric shapes and patterns that convey a sense of playfulness and fun. It’s not that neutrals are out—their muted tones still create a great backdrop for splashy accent colors or fluid color schemes that harmonize and blend. When you select window treatments, choose a line that offers a wide selection of colors and fabrics.
  2. Natural textures and layering: The organic trend has reached décor, with designers choosing woven fabrics, grasses, bamboo and warm walnut woods. Woven wood shades and wood blinds and shutters are just a few examples of window treatments that take advantage of this trend. And different textures can work side by side for a trendy layered look. For example, a room darkening shade can be used behind sheers for privacy and light control.
  3. Letting in natural light: Today’s designers love sheer fabrics that bring in the beauty of the natural world. The trick is to gently filter the light so it doesn’t harm your furnishings or take away your privacy. Light-filtering window shadings with vanes that can be easily adjusted to balance light and privacy are on trend for 2018.
  4. Curved designs:A well-placed curve delivers a burst of style to a rectangular room. You can extend this design concept to your window treatments with blinds that use curved vanes, beautiful folds or soft, sculptured cellular construction.

Want to make the most of these trends? Focus on ones you see yourself adopting for a long time. Select and adapt trends that complement your overall home design so you make sure all your choices work for you.


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Hunter Douglas specialty window size, arch window treatment, Parkland wood blinds


February 23, 2018

You’ve just moved into a new home and the windows are bare. Or you’ve been making do with well-worn roller shades that block out your view with the light. There’s that oddly shaped arch window you have no idea how to cover. The shutters in your bathroom have cracked and warped. You’re tired of the vinyl verticals on your kitchen slider.

When it’s time to cover new windows or update your old treatments, a window treatment specialist can help you sort through the seemingly endless options on the market and select the right treatment for your home and budget. Here’s how to make the most of this expertise:

  1. Research the styles you like and dislike. Collect photos online of your preferences. Good places to start are or the website of your specialist.
  2. Before you meet with your specialist, talk to him about your needs and ideas. Tell him how many windows you’d like to cover, which rooms they are in and what you’d like the window treatments to do for your home.
  3. Schedule the appointment during daylight hours. Light transforms colors and fabrics, and daylight gives you the best look at how samples match your décor.
  4. Ask questions and compare options. In addition to window size and treatment style, both fabric choice and operating system impact price and how well the window fashion meets your needs.
  5. Ask about customer rebates. Hunter Douglas frequently offers mail-in rebates on popular blinds and shadings.


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