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The Hunter Douglas Collection

All Hunter Douglas window treatments are designed and custom-crafted in the U.S. with the highest level of quality. Best of all, every window treatment from Hunter Douglas is covered by our lifetime limited warranty. Here is an overview of our window sheers and shadings, cellular blinds, roman shades, roller shades, screen shades, shutters, verticals and operating system options.


Silhouette Blinds

The Leader in Light Transformation

For over 25 years, Silhouette ® Window Shadings have been the leader in light diffusion with specially crafted fabrics that transform harsh sunlight into soft, ambient light. With no cords or tapes, the sheer facings allow you to view through the vanes to the outside, while still maintaining a discreet level of privacy.

These beautifully engineered shadings feature soft, adjustable S-shaped vanes that appear to float between two sheer fabrics. Simply tilt the vanes to achieve your desired level of light and privacy.  The white rear sheer obscures the view into your home, providing daytime privacy.

Just as sunscreen protects your skin from the sun's damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays, Silhouette shadings help protect your rooms' interiors and extend the lifespan of your valuable possessions. Depending on your fabric choice, the shadings can filter out up to 88% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Our latest innovation, Silhouette ClearView Shadings, maximizes your view with a unique combination of front

and back sheers that give superior view-through. Silhouette Duolite ® Shadings offer the light-diffusing benefits of a translucent Silhouette shading with an integrated room-darkening roller shade.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings are a beautiful way to balance light control with privacy.
Hunter Douglas Pirouette Window Shadings feature soft vanes that can be contoured or flattened closed for privacy or opened any amount for view-through. They block up to 81% of harmful UV rays with vanes open and 99% with vanes closed.

Pirouette Blinds

Bold Design with Beautiful Light Control

Pirouette ® Window Shadings are a bold and modern alternative to the look and feel of traditional fabric shades.

S oftly contoured horizontal fabric vanes can open or close any amount to give you complete control over your desired degree of light filtration and privacy. Our revolutionary Invisi-Lift system allows the vanes to float gracefully on a single sheer backing.

Flatten the vanes for complete privacy or blossom them open to any position to invite incoming light and provide a view to the outside. Pirouette shadings block up to 81% of harmful UV rays with the vanes open, and 99% with vanes closed to help protect your furnishings and extend their life.

Pirouette shadings are available with both semi-opaque and room-darkening fabrics, two vane sizes and a wide variety of colors to perfectly complement your room’s color palette. So no matter what your style or décor, there’s a striking Pirouette design that will work for you.


Luminette Privacy Sheers

Luminette ® Privacy Sheers

If you're looking for a classical, elegant look, these soft vertical sheers are a great choice. The sheer facing resembles traditional sheer draperies, while the 180-degree rotating vertical fabric vanes give you complete control over light and privacy to create the perfect ambiance.

Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers are an ideal solution for sliding glass doors or large window expanses. Soft face fabric bonds to fabric  vanes that rotate for light control.
Hunter Douglas Architella Duette shades feature honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction for added energy savings. These are ideal shades for motorization in a skylight.

Architella Duette Honeycomb

The Pioneer of Design and Efficiency

Duette ® Honeycomb Shades are the original cellular shades, specifically engineered to provide beauty and energy efficiency at the window in both cold and warm climates. Honeycomb construction traps air in distinct pockets, creating insulation that can help lower your energy consumption and energy bills.

Duette shades are available in an abundant range of pleat sizes, fabrics, colors, opacities and textures. Innovative operating system options such as Top-Down/Bottom-Up and Duette Duolite make these shades a top choice for any window,

skylight or even specialty window shapes like arches,

sidelights and circles.

Duette shades are available in single-cell design as well as the industry-leading Duette Architella ® , which features a honeycomb within a honeycomb for maximum energy efficiency. With five insulating pockets, Architella Trielle shades are the most energy efficient Hunter Douglas window covering.

If you have sliding doors that need extra insulation, Duette with the Vertiglide operating system is the ideal option. It’s

designed for vertical applications and uses the same fabrics as your horizontal Duette shades. You can use one shade to cover the entire expanse of a sliding door. Or, cover the door with a split stack Vertiglide shade, with each side of the shade operating independently.


Vignette Roman Shades 

The Modern Roman Shade

Luxurious fabrics and soft folds give Vignette ® Modern Roman Shades a clean, crisp look with the added benefit of no exposed rear cords for enhanced child safety. Offered in semi-sheer,

light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics with a range of styles and fold sizes, these shades are the perfect alternative to the traditional Roman shade.

All Vignette shades maintain a consistent, wrinkle-free appearance no matter how many times you open and close them. The durable, stain-resistant fabric options are gorgeous and worry-free.

Vignette shades are beautiful, practical and available in two different styles:

1.  Rolling features a 4-inch full fold or 6-inch flat fold and rolls up into the headrail for an unobstructed view. If you need a room-darkening option, you can add the exclusive Duolite dual-opacity feature with PowerView Motorization to a 6-inch flat fold shade. A sheer or light-filtering front shade combines with a room-darkeing back panel on a single roller.

2.  Stacking shades stack neatly into a low-profile headrail for shallow mounting depths and are available in a 4-inch full fold. Top-down/Bottom-up is available as an option to balance light and privacy.

Hunter Douglas Vignette Modern Roman Shades roll, stack or glide with no exposed rear cords. Enjoy a clean look with beautiful folds, child safety and energy efficiency.
Hunter Douglas Solera Soft Shades combine the soft sculptured look of a roman shade with the clean lines of a cellular shade. Fabrics are available in light-filtering and room-darkening opacities.

Solera Soft Roman Shades

A Sculptured Roman Shade

The fluid, unique look of Solera ® Soft Shades is created by combining the soft folds of a classic Roman shade with the construction of a cellular shade. Internal lift cords provide a clean look and enhanced child and pet safety.

The Solera fabric collection is full of luxurious woven and innovative non-woven fabrics, colors, textures and patterns. To suit your needs, every fabric is available in both light-filtering and room-darkening opacities.

The Top-Down/Bottom-Up design option lets you operate Solera shades from the top down or the bottom up. This gives you privacy and access to natural light, all at the same time.

The cellular construction of Solera shades increases insulating properties and helps to lower your energy consumption, ultimately reducing your heating and cooling bills. It can also improve your room’s acoustics while reducing the intensity

of outside noise.


Sonnette Insulated Roller Shades

The New Shape of Light

Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades combine the dimensional, energy-efficient construction of a cellular shade with the clean lines and simplicity of a roller shade.

The innovative curved shape gently diffuses light, providing ambience and character to all angles of your room. Cordless construction means that Sonnette shades are safer for homes with young children and pets.

Discover your style by exploring the four fabric collections and 48 gorgeous colors that range from neutral grays to vibrant red. All fabrics are available in both semi-opaque and room-darkening options to suit your needs.

Sonnette shades are available with SoftTouch Motorization, a unique battery-powered operating system with simple and intuitive wand-controlled operation. The PowerView ® Motorization system is another option and allows you to synchronize and schedule your shades to move automatically.

Hunter Douglas Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades combine the energy efficiency of a cellular shade with the crisp clean lines and simplicity of a roller shade.
Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Window Panels are a sleek, dramatic way to cover a large vertical window expanse. Colors and fabrics can coordinate with Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades or Screen Shades collections.

Screen/Roller Skyline Shades

Skyline Gliding Window Panels

For a sleek, modern look, consider our Skyline ® gliding window panels. These are the perfect solution for large, expansive doors and windows. Our patented design allows an infinite number of panels to attach to one slim headrail regardless of door and window width, allowing for a minimum stack back. Designer Roller  shades are available in an extensive array of fabrics from sheer to opaque, and Designer Screen shades in fabrics from 14% to 0% openness that provide superior UV light protection.

Hunter Douglas Heritance Hardwood Shutters offer the warm, rich look of 100% hardwood. These are elegant Plantation Wood Shutters!
Hunter Douglas Heritance Hardwood Shutters are an elegant, long-lasting choice for plantation shutters.
Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters are ideal for tough conditions such as extreme light or moisture. They are guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor.


Experience fine craftsmanship and privacy with our classic plantation shutters in long-lasting materials and finishes.

Heritance Shutters

Classic Heritance ® Hardwood Shutters are plantation-style shutters crafted from real wood with dovetail construction for maximum strength and durability. Available in a large selection of stain and paint finishes. 

NewStyle Shutters

The NewStyle ® Hybrid Shutters are plantation-style shutters 

that blend the beauty of real wood and advanced modern-day materials to create a stunning and durable window covering for any room.  

Palm Beach Shutters

Our Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters are plantation-style shutters constructed with UV-resistant Polysatin compound, so they’re guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolor, regardless of extreme heat or moisture. Plus, Palm Beach shutters are available with PowerView Motorization, perfect for hands-free louver tilt operation. A great benefit for hard-to-reach windows!


Modern Precious Metals Blinds

Perfect for Modern Décor and High-Traffic Households  

Sleek, thin aluminum slats offer maximum light control and a clean, uncluttered look. Enjoy special finishes and textures, from metallic to pearlescent to matte, and a range of attractive hues. Pair metal slats with real wood accents for a striking and unique horizontal blind. Mix and match colors to create an original look that fits your home decor. And save cleaning time with the Dust Shield finish that inhibits dust buildup on slats.

Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals Blinds are ideal for homes with contemporary decor and a need for an easy maintenance solution to high-traffic areas. Choose from a variety of colors and the exclusive MagnaView tilt option that doubles view-through between slats.
Hunter Douglas EverWood Alternative Wood Blinds provide the luxurious look of wood blinds while resisting fading and discoloration and withstanding high heat environments without bowing or losing shape.

EverWood Alternative

Wood Blinds

The Classic Look of Wood Blinds with the Convenience of Modern Materials

This smart alternative to wood blinds offers classic good looks that stay in style. EverWood ® blinds are available in realistic TruGrain ® finishes or a large selection of solid colors, and with operating and decorative upgrades available. They’re guaranteed against fading, yellowing, warping or bowing—which makes them perfect for the humidity of a bathroom or rooms with full sun.


Parkland Wood Blinds

Timeless Wood Blinds

Traditional styling and rich hardwood slats ensure Parkland ® Wood Blinds complement the lines of any room. Fashioned to create a warm and inviting home, they’re available in a variety of colors and three slat sizes. Our advanced finishing technology provides maximum protection and beauty for your investment.

More To Love

Parkland Wood Cornices are a great addition over any window treatment, especially draperies. Hand-crafted and hand-finished in 100% domestic wood, they feature a wide selection of styles, heights, colors, finishes and decorative options. 

Hunter Douglas Parkland Wood Blinds are an authentic, handrafted premium hardwood blind. Choose from a huge selection of finishes, slat sizes, decorative tapes and specialty shapes.
Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades offer the beauty of natural materials, including reeds, grasses and woods. They transform sunlight beautifully. Add an attached or independent liner for more privacy.

Provenance Woven Wood Shades

The Beauty of Natural Materials

Crafted from natural woods, reeds, bamboo and grasses, Provenance ® Woven Wood Shades lend beauty and light to your décor. From chunky weaves to thin-banded reeds, natural fibers add an organic texture to your room and filter sunlight beautifully.

Provenance shades are available in four distinct styles—Standard Roman, Classic Roman, Hobbled Roman and Vertical Drapery—and can be installed with or without a liner. Liners are available in both light-filtering and room-darkening opacities for enhanced control of light and privacy.

Decorative edge banding and five decorative valance options give you opportunities for additional customization. Other design options include a modern headrail, exclusive to Hunter Douglas, providing greater versatility for light control and the operation of your shade, or a traditional headrail, available in a turned option for a slim profile that allows narrow mounting depths and

door-mounted shades.

Even though our Provenance shades have a long history, they certainly aren’t stuck in the past. Our PowerView ® Motorization system lets you schedule and control your shades from your smartphone, tablet or our Pebble ® remote. 


Vertical Blinds

Custom Vertical Blinds to Fit Your Style

 Everything from sliding glass doors to bay windows look prettier with our Somner ® Custom Vertical Blinds, which feature easy operation and precise light control. Available in a wide range of vinyl, fabric and aluminum styles and an impressive array of colors, textures and patterns.

Contemporary Vertical Blinds

Our Vertical Solutions ® Vertical Blinds are an economical assortment of verticals offered in 3 ½-inch styles, patterns and colors. Available in fabric and vinyl.

Cover a sliding door or large window expanse with Hunter Douglas Somner Custom Vertical Blinds or Vertical Solutions Vertical Blinds.
The patented, curved profile of Hunter Douglas Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds provides a dramatic and elegant way to cover sliding glass doors or vertical windows. Available in both fabrics or vinyls and with a double-tiered valance.

Cadence Soft Vertical Blinds

Soft, Drapery-Like Vertical Blinds

Our Cadence ® Soft Vertical Blinds feature curved vanes mimicking soft drapery folds that offer exceptional sound absorption, elegant styling and translucency. Our patented headrail design reduces light gaps and allows smooth, trouble-free operation. Each blind is topped with an attractive DualFold double-tiered valance.


Drapery, Drapery Rods,

Top Treatments

Drapery, Drapery Rods, Top Treatments

Semi-custom and custom draperies provide the elegance and insulation value you require at an affordable price. 

Valances and Cornices

We offer a large variety of fabrics and styles to complement the blinds and shades in your home.

Just Right Blinds provides elegant, custom or semi-custom draperies in a wide selection of fabrics. We also offer drapery rods and valances.
Motorize your Hunter Douglas blinds with our innovative PowerView Motorization. Control from your Pebble remote or your smartphone with the PowerView app.
Looking for electric blinds? Hunter Douglas PowerView motorization operates with battery, plug-in or hard-wired power options. Use the Pebble remote or PowerView app on your smartphone or pad.
The Hunter Douglas PowerView app lets you use Automations to move your shades based on a time of day or based on your location. It's compatible with Apple® iOS or Android® mobile devices and integrates with a variety of third-party control systems for the home.
The Pebble operators for Hunter Douglas motorized blinds is available in a variety of fashion-forward colors.

PowerView Motorization

Intelligent Shades that Simplify Your Life

Imagine a world where your window treatments adjust themselves automatically, creating the perfect room ambience morning, noon and night. That’s the beauty of PowerView ® Motorization—recipient of a Red Dot Design Award, the most coveted and prestigious designation in the world of design.

Just program PowerView to move your window treatments to the exact position you want and then schedule and control them using the intuitive PowerView App. You can also operate your PowerView settings using the PowerView Pebble ® Control, or with voice commands using devices from Amazon and Google Home.

Operate the PowerView system via the PowerView App or Pebble Control

The Pebble Remote Control offers a modern alternative to a traditional remote control, allowing you to preset and easily operate up to six different groupings of window treatments—individually or together—with just a press of a button. Ergonomically designed and stylish to look at, the Pebble is available in ten modern colors to enhance any décor. The Pebble Scene Controller allows you to trigger your pre-programmed scenes on demand. Both are also available as surface controls that can be affixed to a wall.

Set a preferred position for your Sonnette roller shade using SoftTouch Motorization.
SoftTouch Motorization makes it easy to adjust shade positions for light or privacy.
A gentle pull or push of the wand is all you need to operate a Hunter Douglas blind with SoftTouch battery-powered Motorization.
Beauty meets convenience with Hunter Douglas SoftTouch Motorization. These battery-powered shades are operated with the simple touch of a wand.

SoftTouch Motorization  

Battery-powered control with the touch of a wand

SoftTouch Motorization uses intuitive wand control with no exposed cords to easily raise or lower a variety of Hunter Douglas blinds and shades. Simply click and drop to fully close or click to fully open. Or, gently pull the wand down to partially lower the shade or slightly push up to partially lift. Set a favorite placement to quickly move the shade up or down to a preferred position. It's so convenient, lets you easily balance light and privacy, and provides superior child and pet safety.

Enjoy the convenience of SoftTouch Motorization on a wide variety of Hunter Douglas blinds:

Alustra Woven Textures Roller Shades

Designer Banded Shades

Designer Screen and Roller Shades

Pirouette Window Shadings

Silhouette Window Shadings

Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades

Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers are a soft fabric elegant option for vertical blinds.
Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb blinds are an energy-efficient, easy-to-operate blind for a sliding glass door or other vertical application.
Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb blinds are available in a variety of fashionable fabrics and colors and are ideal for a vertical application.
Hunter Douglas offers three types of shutters, Heritance Hardwood, NewStyle Hybrid and Palm Beach Polysatin, all of which are ideal for sliding glass doors.
Window Treatments for

Patio and Sliding-Glass Doors

While virtually any Hunter Douglas window treatment can be outfitted for a traditional patio or sliding-glass door, certain styles are better suited to these and other large window expanses simply because they traverse horizontally, making them easier to operate on these applications. Beyond traditional vertical blinds, we have many innovative alternatives to choose from.

Our Recommendations:

Luminette ® Privacy Sheers

If you are looking for a classical, elegant look, vertical sheers are a good choice. The sheer facing resembles traditional sheer draperies, while the 180-degree rotating vertical fabric vanes give you complete control over light and privacy to create the perfect ambience.

Duette ® Honeycomb Shades

For doors that need extra insulation from the heat or cold, a cellular honeycomb shade with the Vertiglide operating system is the ideal option. Vertiglide is very simple to operate, with no cords, chains or wands, and gives you flexibility to use one shade to cover the entire expanse or split it into two with each shade operating independently.


Hunter Douglas offers three shutter collections that  can all be made with bi-fold and bypass track systems that are unique choices for patio and sliding-glass doors.

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